Acquisition Loans

A real estate acquisition loan is financing for the purchase, or acquisition, of property. The targeted property may be intended for resale by a wholesaler, for a fix and flip project, or for a condominium conversion, but as long as the loan is earmarked for the purchase only, it is considered to be an acquisition loan. Typically, acquisition loans are a good fit for those who have identified a solid real estate investment opportunity but do not have access to sufficient capital by the time of closing. As you know, in real estate investing, time is of the essence; therefore one of the many benefits of a real estate acquisition loan is that it can help you secure the purchase of the property quickly.
A real estate acquisition loan is based solely on the value of the property. It does not take into consideration any of the renovations or repairs that need to be done before resale. However, real estate lenders may bundle other types of loans (e.g., renovation loan, construction loan) with an acquisition loan to give the borrower more flexibility with the project.


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